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Resting Gondolas,Venice

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Artist: Erich Paulsen 
Resting Gondolas,Venice 
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Image Size: 28" x 32"  Overall Size: 40" x 36"
Courier Delivery Availiable please call or email for details and prices.

Biography: Erich Paulsen

Erich was born in a small village near Berlin. Erich showed a prodigious talent for painting as he was growing up. But his father urged him to learn a normal profession and so he became a varnisher & whitewasher.
The foreman in that firm painted landscapes in his leisure time and the young Paulsen watched him.
He was very eager to try also but he had no money to buy colour oil paints nor brushes.
So one day he took clandestinely some of the colours, but he could not take brushes which the foreman kept in a separate place.
So he used the scraper spatula which he normaly took to remove old layers of colour and he painted a landscape with houses.
When the foreman saw this he gave him a big threshold, then he looked at Paulsens first painting and said:
‘You are much more talented than I. You can take all my colours, you will have great success’.

This was the start of a very successful artistic career, which led him to the Meisterschule fur Malerei up to that time one of the most well known artists.

In general Erich Poulsen prefers to paint landscapes and city scenes. The vibrancy of his palette and strong textural approach using a palette knife gives his paintings a particular flair that is completely unique in the field of contemporary art.
At once, Paulsen continues the legacy of impressionist painting and brings his work into the modern age.
Critically Paulsen has attracted high acclaim throughout the world. His work has been recognized in a number of exhibitions from New York to Sydney and enjoys a growing collective of serious collectors.


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