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Arisaig Cattle

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Title: Arisaig Cattle  
Peter Coulthard 
Medium: Oil on Canvas  Image Size: W 40" X H 30"  
Price: £5,700

Peter Coulthard
Peter was born in 1949 in beautiful Yorkshire and although he received a grammar school and art school education most of his early interest and training in painting came about thanks to close family connections with the Yorkshire Artist Kenneth Steel, who, realising Coulthard's potential gave him a sound craftsman like tuition in drawing and painting.
His early working years were spent training as a stone mason. In the following few years he travelled Britain taking on various jobs, usually on the coast, often working at sea in the, then, booming fishing industry.
Then in his early thirties with a serious interest developing in his work, he became a full time professional painter. Having studied the materials and techniques evolved over the centuries by British and Dutch landscape painters, and having an inherent knowledge and understanding of nature if rural life, he is able to produce traditional British landscape paintings in a style and of a standard that has become such a rarity today.

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