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Still Life With Fruit & Jug

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Artist: Guiseppe Cacciapuoti
Title:  Still Life With Fruit & Jug 
Medium: Oil On Canvas Image Size: 12" X 16" 
Price: £1,995

Guiseppe Caccapuoti
This Neapolitan painter was born in 1969 in Pozzuoli and still works in the same place. This artist uses his sense of creativity to make still lives, portraits, and seascapes where the colors get lost in realism. He usually paints female portraits with a sensual pose, sometimes giving different hairstyles and with eyes that reveal the purity of the mind. Cacciapuoti gives the viewer a pleasant vision of beauty and seduction. Cacciapuoti’s paintings and skillful work of color with show lifelike expressions and attitudes. His talent on a canvas could bring an environment to life.

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