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Dom Perignon

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Artist: Zoltan Preiner 
Title: Dom Perignon 
Medium: Oil on panel   SIZE: 12" x 16" 
Price: £1195
Courier Delivery Available. Please call us email us for details.

Zolton Preiner

Zoltan Preiner was born in 1955 in Budapest, Hungary, studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

During his studies, Zoltan was highly influenced by the intensity and immediacy of the Baroque period, in particular he felt akin to its detail and precision, a style that came naturally to him. His teachers encouraged him to use this outstanding talent and he began to forge his own style, painting wonderful still life paintings.
Preiner developed a technique of painting with detail and a convincing rendering of life depicting the subject matters in an extraordinary way.

Highly detailed and with a brilliant, crystal clear power, he has held many exhibitions throughout Europe including Budapest, Vienna, Lyon and Munich amongst others.

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