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Still Life With Orange and Marmalade Pot

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Artist: Ronald Berger
Title: Still Life With Orange and Marmalade Pot 
Medium: Oil On Panel   Image Size: 5" X 6"
Price: £425
Courier Delivery Availiable please call or email for details and prices.

Ronald Berger was born in Salzburg Austria to a highly artistic family in 1943. His relatives were prominent in all fields of the Arts from Theatre to painting.

After completing an academic degree, Ronald began to study painting full-time under the tuition of Professor Knapp and Professor Steiner. During this period Ronald also began to travel widely throughout Europe, visiting all the major artistic and cultural centres of achievement.

By studying the inherent traditions from the Dutch still life masters to the Italian Renaissance, Ronald Berger fine-tuned his academic methods and created a sophisticated pool of creative inspiration.


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