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Dragonfly Dance

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Artist: Kevin Bandee 
Title: Dragonfly Dance 
Medium: Mixed Media With 3D Elements 
Image Size: 14" x 14"  Overall Size: 22" x 22"
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Kevin Bandee was born in 1968 and worked in the IT corporate world for many years. Once his family had flown the nest he decided to pursue his lifelong interest in art.From my digital art experiences, I discovered fractals, infinite complex pictures of repeating geometric shapes that exist within nature, in the beauty of trees, rivers, snowflakes, mountains, clouds and crystals. I wanted to somehow recreate these amazing natural effects in paintings with an abstract twist.’‘This is where my journey started, over three years attempted to create something that represented my interpretations of these formations in a painting. I had to make own paint brushes that did not exist and experiment with different chemicals and paint mixes.’

‘I use a multi-layer approach, with varying depths, each creation is revisited on a number of occasions, taking up to 2 weeks to complete. I have also developed my own True 3D effects style bringing elements of nature to these abstracts to complement each piece.

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